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Package Include:

  • 1000 Max Uploads
  • 60 Days Online Gallery
  • 1 Pinned Photos
  • 1 Moderators Invites
  • 5 Hours Spotlight Live Streaming Time
  • 2000 Max Uploads
  • 90 Days Online Gallery
  • 5 Pinned Photos
  • 5 Moderators Invites
  • Manage T&Cs
  • Advanced Personalization
  • Promo (incl. Video)
  • 10 Hours Spotlight Live Streaming Time

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All Packages Include:

  • Unlimited Guests
  • Secure Access
  • Preset Themes
  • Leaderboard
  • Downloadable QR code
  • Content Screening
  • AI Powered Screening
  • Download photos
  • Print With Photobooth


Bring new life to your parties and events! This customizable interactive live streaming photo wall gets everybody engaged and having fun! Easy set up, no app needed - QR code access for all guests to snap, scan & share photos to the big screen with their mobile devices.

Introducing Instant Spotlight

Engage Every Guest in Seconds!
Instant Spotlight Live Streaming Photo Slide Show can be used for any occasion. Bring the party to the big screen and get everyone engaged and having fun!
Weddings, birthday parties, milestone parties, corporate events, holiday parties, non-profit events , etc. all stand out with Instant Spotlight!
It’s Better than a Photobooth!

Key Features

No App Needed
Guests scan a QR code with their cell phone or tablet and all the fun begins.
Live Streaming
Photo & video uploads from you and all your guests are playing on the big screen and stored on the platform.
Easy Access
Print the ready-to-use QR code template or customize it.
Digital Photo Album
Download your full digital photo album, and individual pictures to share on social media during and after the event.
Fully customizable
with a host of backgrounds and fonts to choose from so you can set your event up just the way you want - including your own logos.
Moderation Capabilities
Control what goes on the screen or just reject the ones you don’t like
Versatile Application
Perfect for a range of events, from weddings, birthdays, parties, and corporate gatherings to milestone events such as bar mitzvahs, Quinceanaras and more.
Event Enhancer
Enhance any occasion with Instant Spotlight,, adding a layer of entertainment and fun that your guests will love.

Products Reviews

Instant Spotlight transformed our family reunion- we had the whole clan there - everybody on the big screen– so much fun!
Brandon & Sherry
Sarah L.
Family Reunion
Hosting events is a breeze with Instant Spotlight. Our guests love snapping and sharing their photos instantly to the big screen – everybody gets involved! Love this product.
Lydia Mullens
Josh S.
Event Planner
Being able to instantly stream and display photos from our smartphones to the big screen with Instant Spotlight is simply amazing! We all had so much fun!
Samuel and Sara
Greg and Susan Wright
Anniversary Party
I will never hold another party without Instant Spotlight! I cannot tell you how much it added to our party. Everybody loved it! Nobody left early and I’m certain there was a single bored person all night long!
Julie Fry
Siobonne J.
Birthday Party
Instant Spotlight brings our digital content to life by having all our guests create it! Such a great idea! It's the ultimate icebreaker and conversation starter!
Charles G
Beth A.
Corporate Event Planner
Wow! Just Wow! I can’t believe how much fun everybody had. Can’t recommend Instant Spotlight enough! DO NOT have a party without it.
Rhonda C


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What is the digital album and how does it work?
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