Make Your Party Stand Out! Bring new life to your parties and events. All your guests can join the fun as they snap and share photos and videos to a big screen during the event. It’s so easy!
Watch it in Action!


Instant Spotlight Live Streaming Photo Slide Show can be used for any occasion. Bring the party to the big screen and get everyone engaged and having fun! Weddings, birthday parties, milestone parties, corporate events, holiday parties non-profit events all stand out with Instant Spotlight!

Keep Your Party Alive All Night Long! Don’t Just Collect Photos, Display Them INSTANTLY!

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Instant Spotlight will take your events and parties to a wHOLE NEW lEVEL!

Instant Spotlight
Is Feature Rich

Fully customizable with a host of backgrounds and fonts to choose from so you can set your event up just the way you want.
Print the ready-to-use QR code template or customize it. Download your full digital photo album, and individual pictures to share on social media during and after the event.
Control what goes on the screen or just reject the ones you don’t like
Brand your event with our custom banners and branding
Photo & video uploads from you and all your guests are playing on the big screen and stored on the platform.
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Spotlight every
cherished moment

Instant Spotlight allows you to embrace your event in grandeur, offering a gateway to craft memories and immerse yourself in the unforgettable celebration.
It was such a great experience!
"It was easy to setup, fun to use, everyone participated. We are going to use it again"
- Isis-Rae Goulbourne


Do you have a demo link?
Is Instant Spotlight hard to set up?
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What kind of events is Instant Spotlight good for?
How does Instant Spotlight compare with its competitors?
Is Instant Spotlight customizable?
What do I need at the event for Instant Spotlight to work?
Is WIFI needed?
What if my internet connection gets interrupted?
We have a professional photographer. How can he upload photos?
Is it true that guests can continue to upload photos after the event?
How easy is it to share photos to my social media?
I want to include a note with the photo that I share, can I do that?
Will all of the photos be available for download after the event?
What is the digital album and how does it work?
What if I don’t use Instant Spotlight at my event for some reason?
Are there any controls so that I can prevent inappropriate photos or videos?