The First
streaming photo wall

Instant Spotlight is the first-ever live streaming photo wall, crowdsourcing photos and videos uploads from all your guests. So you can savor every moment together — from every perspective —  in real time.
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Engage every guest in seconds. It’s this simple.

An experience that’s totally
brand new

  • Test Drive
    One Time
    $100 $0*
    • 15 Max Uploads
    • 0.5 Hours Spotlight Playtime
    • Unlimited Guests
    • Secure Access
    • Preset Themes
    • Leader Board
    • Downloadable QR code
    • Content Screeing
    • *Note: Limit one per account
  • Standard
    One Time
    $200 per event
    • 1000 Max Uploads
    • 5 Hours Spotlight Playtime
    • Unlimited Guests
    • Secure Access
    • Preset Themes
    • Leader Board
    • Downloadable QR code
    • Content Screeing
    • AI Powered Screening
    • Download photos
    • Print With Photobooth
    • 60 Online Gallery
    • 1 Pinned Photos
    • 1 Moderators Invites
  • Advanced
    One Time
    $350 per event
    • 2000 Max Uploads
    • 10 Hours Spotlight Playtime
    • Unlimited Guests
    • Secure Access
    • Preset Themes
    • Leader Board
    • Downloadable QR code
    • Content Screeing
    • AI Powered Screening
    • Download photos
    • Print With Photobooth
    • 90 Online Gallery
    • 5 Pinned Photos
    • 5 Moderators Invites
    • Manage T&Cs
    • Advanced Personalization
    • Promo (incl. Video)

When you’re *on the Spotlight*,  you’re *in the spotlight*

It’s never been this simple to make each one of your guests feel like they’re part of a celebration that’s truly special.

Guests can contribute-in
right away

All it takes is a phone to start uploading photos and messages.

Content streams live on the big screen

Instant Spotlight builds a show as you go. Each upload is instantly formatted to fit your style  and appears live on screen.

An experience built just for you

Customize the look and feel of your event, with your choice of framing, callouts, logo/hashtag treatments, and other personalization options.

Brands and sponsors shine, too

Full-screen takeovers, branded frames, video displays, and more. With Instant Spotlight on every phone and the big screen, your sponsors get seen.

Full control of every moment

Toggle back and forth between live guest uploads and pinned, preselected collections of content. So what’s on screen can match your schedule.

Good vibes only, start to finish

Instant Spotlight uses AI to filter out inappropriate photos and messages. Plus, you can block, limit, or restrict individual users.

Instant reactions and social traction

Now you finally have a like button in real life. When a photo or message goes up, guests can use their phones to show it love.

A shared experience to remember

With every moment captured from every perspective, your event won’t just be memorable. You can relive it later with photo sharing and full gallery downloads.
Guests can contribute in right awayContent streams live on the big screenAn experience built just for youBrands sponsor shine tooFull control of every momentsGood vibes only, start to finishInstant reaction & social tractionA shared experience to remember

Engage & Include Everyone


  • Celebrates your love and all the people who love you
  • Set aside time for curated content of just the couple and close fam
  • Don’t miss a moment, like a 360°, larger-than life photobooth
  • Share well-wishes together with this living guestbook
  • A one-of-a-kind experience for an unforgettable reception

DJs, Live shows

  • Make more money working the same number of events
  • Up to $40k more through upsells, expanded offerings, and referrals*
  • Upsell your services for custom backgrounds, visuals, and more
  • Blow away the crowd and make them part of your show
  • Make sure your name, site, and socials get seen on the big screen

Non-profit events

  • Drive more participation and donations than boring slideshows
  • Sell premium ad placements you’ve never had available before
  • Customized branding, ready-made table cards, and sponsor tie-ins
  • Capture donor contact info with post-event content downloads
  • Engage your audience live and share all your success online later

Parties & more

  • Works for at-home events on any smart TV or projector
  • Perfect for milestone birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and reunions
  • Gives your event a professional-quality feel
  • More affordable than hiring a photographer
  • Less awkward conversation when everyone’s part of the celebration

Spotlight every cherished moment

Instant Spotlight allows you to embrace your event in grandeur, offering a gateway to craft memories and immerse yourself in the unforgettable celebration.
It was such a great experience!
"It was easy to setup, fun to use, everyone participated. We are going to use it again"
- Isis-Rae Goulbourne
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You can’t spell Instant Spotlight without out a little  #inspo

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