Esstart Is Changing The Way The World Does Events.

Esstart is a play on the words “Let’s start,” Esstart is the customizable, downloadable live event platform for all of life’s celebrations, from corporate events and fundraisers to milestone ceremonies. The innovative experiential platform uses technology to make events more interactive, memorable, and inclusive.

Chetanprakash “CP” Heda


Esstart was founded by Chetanprakash “CP” Heda who believes that technology has the power to bring people together, especially at large gatherings and corporate events. Instant Spotlight, Esstart’s first audience engagement platform was developed to bring people together in situations where there are often small clicks within the whole group. His products serve as a unifier– they’re designed to break down the barriers and bring people together in a fun and exciting way. These products can actively engage an entire group and help them become one.

Before launching Esstart, CP as his friends call him, spent a decade leading critical technology systems for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He also has experience as a Bollywood music DJ and live event photographer.

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The Goals
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We Stand By Our Products and Believe In Their Ability To Create Happiness For All!

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