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Let the GENIE Help You Eliminate Paper Place Cards And Posters!

Tired of juggling endless spreadsheets and paper lists to manage your guest list and seating arrangements? Would you like an easy way to make these changes -- even at the last minute?

SeatingGenie Brings You Smooth Guest List Management & Simplified Check-In

Now you can organize both the guest list and seating chart with just a few clicks.
Your guests simply arrive and enter their name into the tablet you provide. They will be checked in & shown where their table is. There’s nothing else to it!
  • Straightforward & simple
  • Guest attendance instantly confirmed
  • Your data safe & secure
  • Works with Android & iPhone tablets
  • Fast & easy seating changes

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SeatingGenie Is the Master of a Simplified Guest Experience!

Your guests will love how easy it is to sign in and find their table. You won’t even need a host at the door to guide them to their seats!

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Kind Words From Happy Clients

My guests found it so easy to locate their assigned tables. Last-minute seating changes were simple and hassle free. Getting started was a breeze and I loved the simple spreadsheet imports and how easy it was to customize it to perfectly blend with the wedding's unique theme.
Angela Miles
Wedding Planner
I can’t believe how easy it was to use SeatingGenie! It actually prevented confusion and made everything so easy for our guests. We had a huge family reunion, with lots of people from out of town and tons of distant relatives. This is the absolute best seating chart I have ever used.  Definitely worth it
Fiona Campbell
Wedding Planner
As a planner of corporate events, I often have to seat large numbers of people and accommodate many lastminute changes.  SeatingGenie made this process fast and easy.  I will definitely be using SeatingGenie at all my events
Carla Sanders
Wedding Planner