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It's so much more than a digital guestbook with quizzes!

This fun-filled app creates a custom Storybook of your event, filled with games, quizzes, photos, special messages, and more as your guests join in and play along!

Bring This Exceptional App to all Your Special Moments

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Tailor Your Event to perfection

Feature your special guest or special event story. Get everyone in the right frame of mind from the beginning!
Play games and create games to play! Tons of choices and new games are added regularly.
Post messages and pictures to the message and photo walls for all to see and enjoy!
Create your own customized quizzes featuring your special guest or if no guest of honor create fun quizzes for all.
Options Are Limitless!
Add Images to the quizzes you create - making it completely customized.
Create as many activities as you like.
Photo Wall & Video with Text bring a whole new level of fun.

Storybook Is So Easy to Use!

Three simple steps to fun

Engage, Entertain & share

Use Storybook's customizable platform to capture the interest of all your guests and engage them in the fun all night long. Keep the memories alive with all the "After Party" Sharing Features.

The Guest of Honor Experience

Whether it’s a wedding, bar mitzvah, retirement party, graduation, etc., it’s somebody’s special moment, and you’ll customize, capture, engage, and preserve the experience with Storybook.
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  • Fun Games,
    Quizzes & Trivia

    Storybook is loaded with quizzes, trivia, and games that you customize to reflect your guests of honor on their special day. So much fun!
  • External

    Include links to other important places for your treasured guest(s) of honor ~ Maybe a wedding registry or baby shower gift list!
  • Message

    Let all the guests send their love to the message wall - complete with their favorite photos and videos!

Photo Walls

Let everyone upload selfies & photos from their cells or you can create a feature photo presentation for the party from the dashboard, and create a gallery of photos too! So many options!
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Preserve for a Lifetime & share Everywhere with Storybook!

Everything is saved in the dashboard and downloadable! They can share on social media, through text, and even print! Let Storybook help make their special event a special memory through the ages!

Kind words
from our customers

Storybook allows you to embrace your event in grandeur, offering a gateway to craft memories and immerse yourself in the unforgettable celebration.
Mom’s 50th Birthday was transformed with Storybook. The variety of games and easy setup made hosting the party a breeze. Storybook brought laughter, competition, and a unique twist to our celebrations. A must-have for lively and entertaining parties!"
Cassandra L.
50th birthday party
We loved using Storybook at our party! It kept everyone engaged and entertained from the moment they arrived until the very end. Our son was the focus and our guests loved some of the trivia we created that was centered around him! Such a great experience for everyone. It's definitely a must-have for any graduation party.
Alan and Dyna
Graduation party
Storybook brought family and friends together on our Wedding day. Our guests had a blast capturing special moments and playing different games and quizzes all about the wedding couple! It was hilarious! Storybook added an extra layer of joy to our big day. But the coolest part about Storybook is that by everybody participating an actual digital storybook of the wedding was created for us. That’s something I’ll aways cherish!
Sean and Jenny
Wedding Reception
Storybook is just so much fun!  If you want to bring an element of uniqueness and fun to your party, do what I did and bring Storybook to the party!
Helena M.
25th Anniversary
I was really impressed with how much fun my party guests had with Storybook. But the coolest part was how we were able to create a full story of the guests of honor by having all the attendees play games, answer quizzes and upload photos and special memories.  My mom will be able to have that storybook of memories for years to come.  What a great concept. I’m so glad we had it!
Josh B.
Birthday party
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