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instant spotlight


This instantly-curated interactive slideshow allows guests to upload photos, messages and more on to the big screen


Interactive stories, personal trivia and more!

Storybook shares your story with your audience in a fun and engaging way. Storybook breaks down your content into fun-filled bites with quick facts, photos, trivia, comment walls, and a scoreboard!

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Esstart is the #TogethernessTechnology company trusted by brands across the country

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We know connections made face-to-face last longer. And the ones made on unforgettable occasions can last a lifetime. That’s why Esstart creates cutting-edge digital tech for the physical world, bringing more magic back to *real-life* events.
It’s our mission to bring people, hosts, and brand partners together for shared experiences that you can always relive virtually, but you simply have to be part of in-person to believe.

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  • treasure hunt

    Treasure Hunt

    Create an interactive Scavenger Hunt with Treasure Hunt. Participants can stay on the same page to track down hints and riddles. Easy to host but as tough to finish as the clues you create.

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  • quiz

    Pop Quiz

    Engage your guests by having them solve trivia specific to your event. Use the pre-built questions or customize them as you wish! Guests answer from their phones, and are awarded bonus points, penalties, and other surprises.

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  • animal

    Animal Farm

    Animals make a whole lot of sounds. But the one your guests will make? Laughter. Animal Farm is like playing Marco Polo in the middle of the Zoo — using your loudest animal noises as the only clue. And yes, this all-ages favorite is even wilder than it sounds.

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Make a connection. Leave an impression.

Esstart empowers hosts, couples, and professionals to put their best foot forward at in-person events. They’re happy to leave us some kind words, too.
  • We wanted our wedding day to be about more than just the two of us – it was about bringing together our families and friends to celebrate. Instant Spotlight elevated that experience by creating a shared space for everyone to contribute and enjoy the memories. Our guests had a blast capturing not only the formal shots but also those spontaneous, hilarious instances that often go unnoticed. Esstart added an extra layer of joy to our big day, and we're truly thankful for it!
    David and Emily
  • As a bride, my wedding day was a whirlwind of emotions and moments that seemed to pass by in a blink of an eye. Instant Spotlight app became my saving grace, allowing me to relive the magic and beauty of the day through the eyes of our loved ones. Seeing the candid shots, the tears of joy, and the laughter captured by our guests brought back the feelings that were so fleeting in the moment. It's the closest thing to bottling up the essence of your wedding and keeping it forever.

You’ve totally got this. And we’ve got helpful trends, tips, and tricks.


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