Wedding Photo Sharing: Capture, Share, & Cherish

Introducing the crowdsourced, streaming photo wall that’s perfect for weddings. So your guests can celebrate your love with you — together — all reception long.
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Your special day, in a totally new way

More memorable and magical than a photobooth. And it’s more affordable, too. We’re here to blow both you and your guests away, not your budget.

Your wedding photographer makes *the perfect match*, too

Instant Spotlight lets your wedding photographer stream professional quality photos alongside guests or their own pinned collection. Capture every picture-perfect shot from your wedding and never miss a moment as they happen.

No extra wedding hassle. It’s this simple.

Experience the Instant Spotlight

Plans that’ll make you say you say “yes,” “YES!” or “YAAASSS”

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  • 15 Max Uploads
  • Preset Themes
  • 0.5 Hours Spotlight Playtime
  • Leader Board
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Downloadable QR Code
  • Secure Access
  • Content Screening

They say it all goes by so fast. Now you can savor and capture each moment.

Instant Spotlight lets you experience your own wedding in the moment in a way that too many brides and grooms miss out on. But don’t just take our word for it…

Ready to use Instant Spotlight at your wedding?

Now that you have seen how powerful instant spotlight is, and how much it will enhance your wedding, it is time to choose the best plan for you and your guests or send it to your DJ/Weeding Planner to purchase for you.
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Collect your wedding photos. Without the hassle