Birthday Party Photo Sharing Made Simple

Introducing a platform where guests can interact with a live-streaming photo wall — it’s perfect for birthdays! Now, friends and family can spotlight the guest of honor by sharing and making memories.
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Amaze Your Guests with an Interactive Photo Slideshow

Raise the bar at your Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs

Experience the future of photo sharing at Mitzvahs! Watch as the screen transforms into a living memory lane, showcasing the happiness and togetherness that makes Mitzvahs unique. It's not just a party; it's an interactive journey of shared moments that will be cherished forever.
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Amplify the fun at Sweet Sixteen parties

Watch as the screen transforms into a captivating mosaic of memories, creating a visual love letter to the birthday girl along with all your guests as co-stars. It's not just a party; it's a shared experience that turns your Sweet Sixteen into an unforgettable visual journey. Get ready to capture, share, and savor the magic, one photo at a time!
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Elevate your Quinceañera celebration

Our interactive photo-sharing screen is the perfect way to capture and share the joy of this milestone event. Guests can instantly upload their cherished photos and heartfelt Quinceañera messages, creating a beautiful collage of memories for the birthday girl and guests.
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Magnify that 40th birthday bash

Watch as the screen transforms into a dynamic collage of memories, creating a tapestry of laughter and love. It's not just a birthday party; it's a shared experience that turns your 40th celebration into an unforgettable journey through the moments that matter most.

How does Instant Spotlight party photo sharing work?

Take a photo from your phone and make memories on the big screen for everyone at the party to enjoy and become immersed in the celebration together.
All it takes is 5 minutes!
Just scan the QR code, upload photos and messages, and enjoy the party!
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Display photos Instantly and WOW your guests

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  • 15 Max Uploads
  • Preset Themes
  • 0.5 Hours Spotlight Playtime
  • Leader Board
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Downloadable QR Code
  • Secure Access
  • Content Screening

They say it all goes by so fast. Now, you can savor and capture each moment.

Instant Spotlight lets you experience your birthday in the moment in a way that too many people miss out on. But don’t just take our word for it…


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