15 Memorable 40th Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

15 Memorable 40th Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

Turning 40 is a huge milestone for most people. It signifies the start of middle age, it is the departure from being very young, and it is a great time to celebrate the life that you have lived so far and the life you still have left. Not only is turning 40 special, finding ways to celebrate with your friends and family is also super important. There are tons of great party ideas that you can use that will make a party of any size fun and interesting.

Here are Some Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Game Night

This is a party idea that everyone is sure to love and that is great for both adults that might be attending as well as any kids you have in tow. You can play games that you love, games that are new to you, and games that are going to keep you on your toes and moving all night. Playing games is a wonderful way to come together and is an inexpensive party idea that is going to make your night so much fun.

Story Of Your Life 

Taking the time to create a story book that is interactive and that can help you play some fantastic games at your party is a must. Esstart offers a Story Book product that helps you create a story of your life and that can allow you to do things like games, feature scoreboards and so much more. What better way to get your guests involved and make them feel like they are part of the party.


Memory Lane

Another absolutely delightful idea is to take a walk down memory lane. Esstart offers a great way to do just that with their Instant Photo Spotlight product. This allows you to compile a ton of pictures from your life that help you to celebrate the life that you have lived and to really look back on your life. This also allows you to take the time to highlight photos from the event live. You can highlight different parts of your party as it happens.  

Have a Potluck Dinner

Still another great idea is to have a potluck with foods that you love and that your friends and family love to make. You can have some great dishes that are 40th birthday party themed, that are things you love, or that are just delicious. This is also a good time to talk about what might be appropriate attire for a 40th birthday party if you are attending. You want to make sure you are not putting the attention on yourself and that you are sticking to any theme that your party host might be keeping. 


This is a great party idea if you like going out and you like a party that is easy to set up and that does make it so that you are not having to do a ton of cleanup or setup. Bowling is another great party idea that is great for kids and adults alike and that can be a fantastic family party idea.


If you are looking for a more adult party idea, and if you want to make a day of it. You can have some great tastings, you might even find a new wine that you didn’t know that you loved. This is a great idea if you have adult children that you want to bring along or if you just want to keep your party small and only take a few people with you.

Private Chef Experience

If you want to stay in and you want to make sure that your party is taken care of, hiring a private chef for the day is another absolutely fantastic way to spend the day. You can have a chef come in and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner which is a great way to really make the most of your day and try some new foods that you might not make for yourself.

Spa Day

If you have a close group of friends that you want to take to a spa day this is yet another absolutely fantastic option. This is fun, easy and can help you relax and really ease into the idea that you are now 40 and that you have the rest of your life ahead of you.

Crafting Party 

If you love making things or you are a bit crafty, taking the time to host a craft themed birthday party is a great option. You can choose a fun craft that is either super entertaining or that your guests can use when they get home. This is another party where the Esstart Instant Photo Spotlight would really come in handy. It can help you as you go step by step to help your guests make sure that they are on the right track and are completing the craft as it should be.



If you have a band that you love, attending a concert is a wonderful way to see a great live act, and to really enjoy yourself. You can go see a current artist that you love, or you can track down tickets to an act that you loved when you were young as well. Both are great ideas and both are a fantastic way to spend your 40th birthday.

Movie Night

If you love movies, this is another great way to spend your party night. You can go out for a double feature at the theater or you can stay in and watch all your favorite movies at home. Pair this with your favorite snacks and dinner and you have an easy and out of this world party idea.

Casino Night

If you like to gamble or you just like a fun night out, a trip to a casino is a great option or you can set up some fun casino games at home. Casino night is a wonderful way that you can really have a great time and even potentially make some money while you are playing.

Escape Room

An escape room is not only a great party idea, it is also a great party idea as well as a wonderful way to let off some steam and really relax. This can help you get out some frustration, it can help you feel good, and it can be a super fun overall party idea.

Dinner Party

For a more laid back or relaxed party, a dinner party might be your speed. This is a wonderful option that is going to help you relax, it is going to help take some of the pressure off so that you do not have to make any of the food yourself and so that you can relax.


If you really just want to do something to give back, volunteering is a wonderful way to really make a difference while celebrating your birthday at the same time. You can do this alone, or you can do this with friends and family.

Here are 15, 40th Birthday Party Themes You Might Be Interested In

These are all themes that can be paired with great Esstart products like Story Book and Instant Photo Spotlight. No matter what party theme you end up choosing, these are all going to be fun and easy to personalize. 

Classics Party 

This is a great one if you are a lover of history and want to make your party super interesting. This would be a great theme if you want to dress up in period costumes and want to really put on a great time.

Black Tie

For those that want a very swanky and easy party idea, black tie just makes everything very fun and very interesting as well as helps to elevate the party.

Year You Were Born

This is a great way to really go back to your roots and to celebrate your life. Using a theme based on the year you were born is fun and easy and can help make others born in the same year as you have fun too.

Cocktail Party

Cocktails is a great way to really enjoy your time and is also a great pairing for things like dinner parties and other party ideas.


Choose your favorite color and ask everyone that comes to dress in that color. This is a great way to make everything cohesive and to really make for a fun party.

Decades Party

You can celebrate the decade you were born in as well. This is another easy and fun party idea that is really going to make for a great party.

High Tea

Have your friends dress up fancy and visit a tea room. This is a great way to have fun and to really enjoy your time.


This is a great way to bring out the kid in you and to help you show off your favorite superhero.

Comedy Night

Comedy is something that we all love. A great comedy night is a fantastic way to help those that attend tell everyone about you and to let them really have a great time.


This is a wonderful idea if you believe in the mystic and you want something that is fun and easy and that is also a little bit spooky and mysterious.

Your Favorite TV Show 

If you have a favorite television show this is something that is very fun to do. Have each person dress up as their favorite character from the show and maybe even act out scenes. This would also be a great time to use the Instant Spotlight.



If you love card games this is one that is going to make a fun party and that is going to keep you and your friends coming and having a great time overall.

Summer Cookout 

Cook outs are a great way to bring people together and to really have a great time. You can let your guests bring their favorite dishes and enjoy relaxing in the backyard. 

All Things Vintage 

Vintage is something that we all love and it could be a super fun time to really dress up in vintage pieces and embrace the past. 


Say you are not a night owl and you like things a bit more laid back, a brunch party is something that you can do in the afternoon that is going to be fun and easy to put together. 

Personal Touches

Personal touches are a great way to make your party even more unique. Using things like personalized or custom invitations is the first thing that you can do. This does not cost a ton and does allow for a ton of great possibilities with pictures, themes and more. Another great way to make it more personal is to use designs that reflect the interests of the personality themes of your party.

You can also add personal messages that help make the party even more personal and even more special to the party goers, the person that the party is being held for and more.



Parties are a great way to celebrate each other. Being able to look back at your party with fondness is such a wonderful feeling. Having a memorable party helps and does help to make the party that much more special and that much more unique.

When your party is all over, it is also a good idea to thank those who helped set it up and those who attended. A quick thank you note or a call is more than enough and will help everyone know you are grateful for your party.

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