Alternative to Photobooth at Wedding

Alternative to Photobooth at Wedding

Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting and memorable times of your life. When you begin selecting amenities and features you would like to provide guests during your wedding, one of your first thoughts may be to rent a photobooth. However, photobooths are not only expensive, but they also detract from the venue and unique decor you have invested in for your special day. One of the best alternatives to consider for those who are seeking a unique feature for their big day is Instant Spotlight.

With Instant Spotlight, encourage your wedding guests to take photos and videos that can be shared in real time with all of your attendees.

The Importance of Amenities at a Wedding

Features and amenities at your wedding will create an experience that is unforgettable for not only you, but for all of your guests. Showcasing a wedding slideshow of you and your new spouse and your invited guests is one way to spread joy throughout the entire event while taking in your surroundings.

Amenities make weddings much more enjoyable, entertaining, and unique. If you are interested in wedding photo sharing and want to encourage your guests to join in, you will want to find the perfect addition to your event. While you may be tempted to go with a traditional photobooth rental, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind.

Drawbacks of Renting a Photobooth at a Wedding

Photobooth rentals may have been popular in the past, but they are no longer considered trendy and "in" style, even when it comes to weddings and special events. When scrolling through galleries of wedding photos of friends or checking your news feeds on social media, you're not likely to come across scanned photobooth images.

Renting and placing a photobooth can be a challenge in itself, especially if you are limited by the workable space you have to use in your venue. Additionally, once your photobooth is operating, it will detract from the actual wedding celebration itself, causing a line-up of partygoers, which can also disrupt other guests from reaching their destinations.

Taking away from your venue's location and interior decoration is also one of the biggest drawbacks of renting a photobooth for a wedding. After dedicating time to creating a picture-perfect atmosphere, a photobooth can be extremely distracting, causing your guests to spend more time focusing on it than on your special celebration.

To recap, a few most prominent drawbacks of using a photobooth at a wedding celebration include:

  • Space: Photobooths take up a significant amount of space.
  • Lines and Distractions: Photobooths can accrue massive lines, distracting guests from your wedding celebration.
  • Outdated: Photobooths are not as hip and trendy as they once were, making them less appealing to partygoers attending a modern wedding.
  • Lack of Modern Technologies: If you are interested in using a QR code for wedding pictures, you will not likely have the ability to do so with a traditional photobooth setup.
  • Expensive: Investing in a photobooth rental can be expensive.

Alternative Amenities to Photobooths at a Wedding

Choosing the perfect amenities for your wedding can feel overwhelming if you're unsure of where to begin. If you enjoy the idea of a photobooth but are seeking alternative solutions, there are a few ideas that will allow you to get a bit creative while planning your perfect celebration.

Use Disposable Polaroid Cameras

Providing a disposable Polaroid camera on each of the tables you have designated for guests is one way to encourage engagement while having your attendees take part in capturing special moments and endearing memories.

Create Your Own DIY Backdrops

If you want to go with a certain theme during your wedding or if you prefer setting up your own individual photo shoots, you can do so with DIY backdrops. DIY backdrops can be simple and modern, themed, colorful, or filled with unique patterns to give all the photos taken at your wedding a unique touch.

Hire Professional Painters and Artists

Another way to provide a bit of entertainment during your reception is to hire a professional caricature artist or face painter. Professionals who specialize in face painting and drawing caricatures can provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind drawing or painting that will surely be memorable for years to come.

Neon Signage

If your goal is to encourage guests to take photos and videos throughout your event, consider incorporating bright signage, such as neon signs, to specific areas of your venue that are ideal for photo-taking opportunities.

Faux Floral Wall

For avid gardeners and nature lovers, creating an oversized faux floral wall is one way to draw attention to a particular area of your wedding venue while simultaneously encouraging guests to take photos in front of it. Faux floral walls can help add a touch of elegance to any space you are getting married in while providing the perfect backdrop for a dreamy wedding picture with friends and loved ones.

Create a Unique Hashtag

When guests arrive at your wedding or its reception, include signage to share a unique hashtag you will be using and following to keep track of updates, photos, and memories. A unique hashtag makes it much easier to track any uploads made from your evening with the use of different social media platforms, such as Faecbook and Twitter.

Photo-Sharing Apps

Another way to get a bit creative during your special day might include using a photo-sharing or photobooth app, depending on the engagement you're seeking during your wedding. One alternative to keep in mind if you wish to maintain complete control when managing photos and videos during your wedding is Instant Spotlight, from Esstart.


What is Instant Spotlight?

With Instant Spotlight, you can now take advantage of the world's first-ever live-streaming photo wall at your own wedding! Instant Spotlight makes it easier than ever for guests to upload, edit, tag, and share photos and videos live during your event in real-time.

Features of Instant Spotlight

Instant Spotlight is a live and interactive photo wall that allows guests of an event to add photos and videos of the celebration in real time. All that is required of guests is a smartphone and the ability to locate and connect to a wireless internet connection.

With Instant Spotlight, upload photos and videos in real-time during your event with automatic adjustments made to photo styles and formatting for the highest quality output possible.

Using Instant Spotlight as an event planner is even more enjoyable, as it allows you to fully customize the experience of Instant Spotlight with branded formatting, logos, hashtags, and unique personalization options.

Additional features of Instant Spotlight include:

In addition to allowing wedding guests the ability to upload and share photos and videos of your wedding in real time, Instant Spotlight also includes the following features:

  • QR Code for Wedding Pictures: One of the standout features of Instant Spotlight includes wedding photo sharing QR code abilities. Using a QR code, guests can instantly respond to event invitations while also immediately syncing with the Instant Spotlight system you have in place during the event.
  • Complete Control: Managing live content, preselected collections of videos and photos, or toggling back and forth between live and preselected content is easier than ever with Instant Spotlight.  
  • Live Reactions and Social Traction: Allow guests to instantly "like" or respond to photos and videos that are displayed on the big screen during your wedding in real time. This will significantly increase engagement from your guests as slideshows, photos, and live videos are shared throughout the night.
  • AI Monitoring Solutions: Want to prevent explicit language or inappropriate photos and messages from appearing to all of your wedding guests? With Instant Spotlight's built-in AI technology, you will never have to worry about these incidents occurring.
  • Plug-and-Play Technologies: While a traditional photobooth requires extensive space, wedding photo booth alternatives such as Instant Spotlight provide a completely seamless experience with digital plug-and-play technologies in place. Easily stream your uploaded photos and videos in real time with the use of a compatible screen or projector.
  • Branded Solutions: In addition to working well for individual weddings, Instant Spotlight can be fully customized for brands and businesses. With branded frames, video displays, and full-screen takeovers, sponsorships and branding instantly become engaging to an audience of any size.
  • Gallery Downloads: Once your wedding is over, you may still want to share the photos and videos that were uploaded throughout the night. With Instant Spotlight, you can do so with accessible photo-sharing and the ability to download entire galleries with just the click of a button.

Engagement Benefits of Instant Spotlight

Encouraging engagement during your wedding will keep your guests excited to participate in making and sharing memories of their own. Instant Spotlight simplifies the process to share wedding photos with the use of QR codes that are ready-made for your specific celebration. While planning your wedding and using Instant Spotlight, you can quickly print signage templates and table tops for each available space at your venue. Engagement benefits of Instant Spotlight do not stop at table signage and include:

  • Access and Control Content From Anywhere: Using Instant Spotlight does not require specialized equipment. Access and manage the flow of photos and videos with the use of your smartphone and a remote internet connection. Edit photos, format frame displays, or stop videos from broadcasting with the push of a button.
  • Enjoy the Interactive Experience: Instant Spotlight provides a completely interactive experience for you and your wedding guests with instantly curated content and broadcasts.
  • Social Media Sharing Options: With Instant Spotlight, you have the ability to post direct updates to Facebook and Instagram during your wedding. Instant Spotlight also allows you to share to social media using photos or videos that were uploaded during the event (including likes and comments each received during the wedding itself).  
  • Download Options: Allow your guests to download and/or repurpose photos and videos that were taken and shared during the event once the wedding is over.

Using Instant Spotlight is one of the best wedding photo booth alternatives today. Whether you're planning a quaint, intimate gathering or a large-scale wedding for hundreds or thousands of guests, Instant Spotlight will instantly transform the experience of all who attend.


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