20 Creative Christmas fundraising ideas : Season of Giving

 20 Creative Christmas fundraising ideas : Season of Giving


The holiday season is the perfect time to reach out to your organization's community of donors with creative fundraising ideas. We've rounded up a few of our favorite fundraising ideas to share with the hope that they're successful for your organization during this holiday fundraising season.

Importance of Christmas Fundraising

Most people who have an interest in philanthropic giving wait until the holiday season to make their donations. This is one time of year when most folks are in a giving mood, and with the right fundraising ideas, you can set your organization up well for the upcoming calendar year. Here are a few of our favorites!

Creative Christmas Fundraising Ideas

christmas fundraising campaigns

1. Christmas Card and Wrapping Paper Sale

We love wrapping paper and holiday card sales as they're two items that people are going to buy anyway. Be sure to begin your sales efforts in plenty of time for pre-holiday season delivery.

2. Gingerbread House Making Events and Kits

Gingerbread house-making events are a great way to gather potential donors together for a festive afternoon. This is an event that's appropriate and a lot of fun for all ages.

3. Gift Wrapping Services

holiday fundraising - cooking

Reserve a table in a busy shopping mall or other cluster of shops and offer gift wrapping services. Shoppers will love being able to cross something off their lengthy to-do lists!

4. Ugly Sweater Contests

Sponsor an ugly sweater contest that awards prizes or white elephant gifts for the winners. This is a perfect work event or a way to raise more funds during an already scheduled fundraising event. Charge a fee or donation to enter the contest.

5. Corporate Partnerships

Corporate matching partnerships are an effective way to give your fundraising efforts a significant boost. If your main holiday fundraising campaign is via email or through an online platform, partner with local corporations to raise matching donations.


6. Pet Pictures with Santa

christmas fundraising campaigns - dog

Everyone loves Santa and their pets, and when you put the two together, the results are fantastic! If you're hosting a breakfast with Santa event or hot chocolate get-together, don't forget to include pet parents too.

7. Email Campaigns

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to raise money for your organization. Be sure to take the time to craft a donation plea that clearly describes your organization, the good it does, and how the raised funds will be used.

8. Santa's Workshop Sales

Do you have a lot of crafty people in your organization or community? A Santa's Workshop sale allows local craftspeople to benefit from your fundraiser by either donating items or providing them at a reduced cost.

9. Caroling Events

holiday fundraising ideas

Who doesn't love Christmas carols? Create an event where carolers are sponsored for their efforts to bring holiday cheer to local retirement homes and hospitals.

10. Winter Wonderland Community Events

Winter is the perfect time of year to spread holiday cheer throughout your community. Events like ice skating, hot chocolate dates, and craft fairs allow friends and neighbors to gather together.

11. Polar Bear Plunge Excursions

If you're located in an area with a lake or swimming hole, hosting a Polar Bear Plunge is a fun and unique way to raise funds.

12. Peer-to-Peer Events

Asking for donations from workplace peers is an effective way to take advantage of people's giving spirit during the holiday season.

13. Christmas or Winter-Themed Galas

Fancy galas are an excellent way to celebrate the holiday season while supporting important causes. Depending on your organization and donor pool, a holiday gala can be an effective option.


14. Hot Chocolate Stands

christmas fundraiser

Hot chocolate is always popular in winter months, and when you solicit donations while providing a delicious, warm drink, you can't lose.

15. Soap and Candle Making Events

Charge an entrance fee for these fun craft-making events where participants can create gifts to share with their loved


16. Poinsettia Sales

Many nurseries participate in poinsettia sales promotions as a way to build community in their towns and cities.

17. Stocking Decoration Parties

Sell stockings and decoration kits while asking for donations to build up your Christmas fundraising donations.

18. Holiday-Themed Karaoke

This is a perfect add-on to holiday gatherings and an activity that's fun for all ages and abilities.

19. Raffles and Silent Auctions

Do you mainly interact with your donor pool online? Don't overlook this fundraising idea that's perfect for virtual and live events.

20. Christmas Tree Disposal Services

After the holiday season, help your community with a Christmas tree disposal service. Composting trees is easier than

ever in most communities.

Tips for Effective Christmas Fundraising

The most important step in any fundraising campaign, no matter the time of year, is to have a clear statement explaining the purpose of the fundraiser and how the funds will be used. If you don't have this information front and center for potential donors, your efforts won't be as successful as they could be.

Reverse engineering your timeline will ensure that everything that needs to get done is addressed at the right time. Plan backward from the launch date to create a timeline that fits your fundraising schedule.

Communicate with your audience across a number of different platforms. If you have a robust email list, a large number of newsletter subscribers, or are active on Social Media, determine the best approach for each of these platforms. When you want to reach potential donors through different communication options, you'll want to tailor your outreach efforts.


Now's the time to get your Christmas fundraising plans in place. The better prepared you are, the more your organization will benefit. No matter the size of your organization, the right fundraiser can help give your budget a boost.

To enhance your Christmas fundraising efforts, consider incorporating Esstarts' event photo sharing product. With Esstarts, you can capture the festive spirit of your events and share compelling images that showcase the joy and community engagement. Utilizing this photo sharing tool can not only provide a visual storytelling element to your fundraising campaign but also create a sense of connection and excitement among donors. Remember to leverage various communication platforms, such as email campaigns and social media, to maximize outreach and keep your audience informed about the impact of their contributions.



How can I raise money for Christmas?

There are a variety of different ways to approach your Christmas fundraising campaign. From bake sales to events like caroling and gingerbread house making to soliciting cash donations, it's easy to find a fundraiser that fits your organization's needs.

What is the fastest way to raise money?

The fastest way to raise money during the holiday season is to solicit funds through an online giving platform. When selecting the platform that's right for your organization, be sure to compare fees and review the Terms and Conditions carefully.

What is the number one rule of fundraising?

When you're creating your holiday season fundraising campaign, you want to be clear about the purpose of the fundraiser and exactly how the funds will be used to help your cause.

What is the 80-20 rule of fundraising?

It's often the case that 20% of your donors will be responsible for 80% of the amount your fundraiser generates. Take the time to review your fundraising results from years past to pinpoint donors who are worth targeting.

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