How to Successfully Use Instant Spotlight at Your Event

How to Successfully Use Instant Spotlight at Your Event

Instant Spotlight is the ultimate streaming photo sharing app to engage all the guests at your event with loads of fun and excitement. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday bash, milestone event, or corporate gathering, using Instant Spotlight will take your event to the next level. 

Here are some tips on how to successfully utilize Instant Spotlight at your next event:

Pre Event Set Up

Before you get to the venue, login to Instant Spotlight and create your event using our provided tutorials. 

Key Items to Remember

  • Choose or create a background and opening message for your party.
  • Upload a few photos to start the Instant Spotlight show at the venue.
  • Remember to print your QR codes for placement on the tables, at the bar, and near the door.

At the Venue

1. Connect to a Big Screen Display

Ensure that Instant Spotlight is connected to a prominent display such as a TV or projector within the event space. Visibility is key, so if your venue has multiple screens in the event space, select the screen that offers the most visibility to the most guests.

2. Maximize Your Engagement by Keeping the Display Visible

Make sure the display that streams the Instant Spotlight  guest uploads is easily visible to all attendees. People love to see their photos and will share more when they can see the display from many locations. Make sure that you have chosen the right package so that you have sufficient time to keep it running for the duration of the party.

3. Encourage Guest to Get Started

To maximize engagement, encourage guests to upload their photos and videos to Instant Spotlight at the beginning of the event. The more uploads you have, the livelier the event atmosphere becomes.

Make sure they see and use the QR codes to get logged in to your event and be willing to mingle around to answer any questions. (Don’t worry, Instant Spotlight is so easy to use you’ll probably not get any questions.)

4. Answer QR Code Questions

Some guests may worry that an app is being downloaded onto their mobile device, but with the use of the QR codes no app is needed. Your guests are logging into the Esstart party server, which is handling everything for you. 

They will take pics all night long, and upload them to the big screen, where those photos are also saved to your event space on the Esstart server. They’ll be able to download the entire photo album after the event too!

5. Remind Guests to Upload:

Throughout the event, remind guests periodically to upload their favorite moments to Instant Spotlight. A gentle nudge can significantly increase participation.

6. Offer Incentives

Consider offering prizes for the best photo or utilize the leaderboard feature within the Instant Spotlight app to gamify the experience and encourage friendly competition among guests.

7. Encourage Social Sharing

Encourage guests to share their photos and videos from Instant Spotlight on their social media platforms. This not only extends the reach of your event but also creates buzz and excitement among attendees.

8. Provide Onsite Printouts

If feasible, offer onsite printouts of the photos uploaded to Instant Spotlight. This instant gratification adds a tangible element to the event experience and serves as a memorable keepsake for guests. 

  • Bring a printer and photo paper
  • Plugin or bluetooth to a photobooth

After the Party

  1. Let all your guests know that they can get photos from the album, or get the entire album.
  2. Let the guests know that they can also still upload photos that they may not have uploaded during the event. They’ll be added into the event photo album for all to enjoy.
  3. Also remind everyone that they can share photos to their friends via text or social media. 

Let The Spotlight Shine!

By following these tips, you can harness the full potential of Instant Spotlight and create an unforgettable experience for all attendees at your event. 

Get ready to capture and share the magic of the moment with Instant Spotlight!

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