15 Office Christmas Party Ideas For a Memorable Celebration

 15 Office Christmas Party Ideas For a Memorable Celebration

Office culture is something that makes a huge difference to how happy you are to go to work every day and how well you get along with your coworkers. A great office climate can help make it easy to get up and go to work and can help foster great relationships between employees and employers as well.

When it comes to holidays in the office, a great holiday or Christmas party can make all the difference. Having a party that is different, unique, and fun can help lift the spirits of your employees, help employers show their staff how valuable and valued they are, and can also help improve the office climate. Here are a few ideas that can help you throw the best office Christmas party.

Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas

Secret Santa

christmas office ideas - santa clause

This is a fantastic way to get everyone in the office involved and can help ensure that everyone gets a gift. This is also a great way to help cut the costs for your employees so that everyone does not have to buy tons of gifts. Instead, they can focus on one gift for one fellow employee and can truly get a great gift.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is another fun idea that can really help your office show its creativity and really get into the spirit. Ugly sweaters are also a great, inexpensive way to get everyone involved, as well as an opportunity to set up a contest. You can offer different categories, prizes, and awards, which really does encourage people to get into the party and get into the spirit.

Live Photo Slideshow

Christmas party ideas - instant spotlight

If you are looking for creative work Christmas party ideas, a photo slideshow is another great way to get your employees involved and to go over the accomplishments that you and your coworkers have made over the year. The Instant Spotlight program by Esstart is a great option for event photo sharing. This will allow you to show photos and parts of your event as they are happening to make your party even more fun.

Gingerbread House Theme

For a more hands-on idea, a gingerbread house theme could be fun. Employees can build real gingerbread houses, they can build things like decorations, and they can also help to collaborate on other houses. This is a super fun and easy way to get everyone on board and to get your employees ready to work together for the holiday.

Dessert Buffet

ideas for office christmas party - food

For those offices that want to branch out, a dessert buffet is a great option as well. This can be a potluck meal where everyone who comes brings a dish, or it can be fully provided by the employer. A dessert buffet is easy and unique and can really give employees that extra little boost that they need during the holiday season.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

If you want gift-giving to be a bit more competitive, a white elephant exchange is always fun. Each person brings a gift and the goal of the party is to leave with the best gift. This is an exceptional way to get employees up and moving and to get them to be truly involved in the party.

Gift Card Swap

work christmas party ideas - invitation

If your employees do not want to purchase a gift, a gift card swap is an easy and creative way to give out gifts. Each person attending will bring a gift card of a predetermined amount and then swap those cards with others. This is easy, a great way to get a gift that everyone will use, and is also a wonderful way to ensure that all the gifts are of the same value as well.

Themed Office Party

Choosing a theme is also a unique way to set up your Christmas party. Choosing a theme and allowing your guests to be involved in that selection can make them feel like they were part of the party planning. Movies, elves, Santa, Winter Wonderland, these are all fun and interesting themes that you can choose that will make your office party truly unique.

Christmas Decorating

Everyone loves to decorate for Christmas and hosting a decorating party is a unique way to get your employees up and involved. You can allow them to decorate their offices or personal spaces, get everyone together to decorate the entire office or get everyone together to decorate the office Christmas tree.

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a wonderful opportunity to get your employees working together. Create teams and then create a challenge so that they have to work together to be able to get to the end. You can offer a prize to the winning team and to the runner-ups. That will encourage them to work together even more.

Funny Christmas Cards

A Christmas card exchange is another easy and festive workplace holiday ideas option that you can use. You can have homemade cards, store-bought, and more to create a truly fun and unique atmosphere that is very interesting for attendees.

Christmas Lunch

If you want to have creative office holiday celebrations, but you do not want to have a party after hours or require your employees to come back after work, a Christmas lunch is a great idea. This is one of the unique Christmas party concepts that allows your employees to celebrate while they are on the clock and serves as a reward at the same time.

Holiday Photo Booth

An easy and fun way to encourage employee engagement activities is a Christmas photo booth. You can generally rent a photo booth for a day and can give your employees a fun and simple keepsake from the party that they can keep up all year long.

Festive Escape Room

For more challenging festive workplace holiday ideas, an escape room that is holiday-themed is very fun and relatively easy to set up. You can either take your employees out or you can devise an escape room in the office for some real holiday fun.

Toy Drive

office christmas party ideas - car

If you are looking for a way to give back, a toy drive or toy collection is a great way to go. Taking the time to collect toys is a great way to create memorable office holiday events and give back to the community at the same time.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering can be one of many fun Christmas office gatherings and can make for a great experience for everyone involved. You can all get together to figure out what type of volunteer work you want to do, and it can make for a great, memorable event for everyone.

Day Out

If you have a smaller office, or you want to do something very a bit grander for Christmas, taking your group out for the day is a great way to do just that. You can take them out to eat, out for an event, or just out for a day of fun.

Virtual Bingo

If you have an office that is remote, or you want a more virtual type of party, virtual bingo is an easy way to go. You can do this when your employees are working, on a day off, or for a few minutes before or after work. You can even offer gifts or prizes if they win.

Holiday Ice Breaker

This is great if you want to do a bit more team building and if you want to make sure that your employees are taking the time to get to know one another better. You can ask about their family holiday traditions, gifts that they have been given, and so on.

Online Charity Drive

fun office christmas party ideas

This is yet another great option if you want something that is going to give back to the community and maybe help those who are struggling during the holidays. You can set up a place where people can donate online.

Virtual Holiday Trivia

For an easy and fast holiday party event, you can use trivia as a fun way to get everyone involved without having to do too much.

Decorating Contest

For those offices that have individual areas or offices for their employees to work in, having a decorating contest is a great way to get everyone involved and to let them be creative as well.

Company Christmas Card

christmas party office - invitation

This is a great way to create something that everyone can keep for years to come and that is easy and unique as well.

Digital Rewards or Gift Cards

Again, this is a fantastic way to make sure that all the gifts are the same price, that they are fun and easy, and that they are great if you want to make sure that everyone gets a great gift.

Holiday Movies

Everyone loves holiday movies. As far as office Christmas party ideas go, this is a great way to really let everyone enjoy the movies they love and relax. You can play them while you work, you can play them while everyone eats snacks, and so on.

Planning and Preparation

The first thing that you need to do is determine what sort of party you want to have. Pick a theme or a type of party and then decide what day you want to have it. Are you going to have it during work hours, after hours, on the weekend and so on. After you choose the party theme or type, you can then move on to brainstorm what things you need to finish your party.

Make a list of supplies you need, what extras might help make the party better, and more. You then need to take the time to invite your employees and give them the opportunity to have input into the party.

Key Takeaways

An office party is a huge part of helping to foster a great work environment and an opportunity to come together and reward your hard-working employees. Office parties can be unique, they can be different, and with the right planning, they can truly be an event to remember.

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