The Ultimate Guide to Instant Spotlight - A Quick Overview

The Ultimate Guide to Instant Spotlight - A Quick Overview

Instant Spotlight has emerged as a game-changer for events, parties, and large gatherings because its unique offering allows all guests to participate simultaneously. Instant Spotlight lets you grab your audience's attention and instantly engage them in the blink of an eye, making their night fun and memorable.

The Easiest Way to Bring Hours of Fascination, Fun, and Engagement to All Your Events!

Okay, event & party planners everywhere here’s everything you need to know to provide hours of fun and fascination to your guests. 

But first, we’ll need a commitment from you before you proceed through this guide.  Please give us a promise that you will take the full 4 minutes you’ll need to read this article and be fully proficient in setting up and using Instant Spotlight. 

Instant Spotlight Set-Up

instant spotlight

Pre-Venue Actions (Estimated Set Up Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

  1. Login into your account and give your event a name. (You set up your account at the time of purchase.)
  1. From the Dashboard, click on “Manage Instant Spotlight.”
  2. Choose “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Themes” to choose your background. 
  4. Click on Event Info.
  5. Name and date your event in the boxes provided. (you’ll also see you have a couple of options to allow multiple uploads and show the gallery.  For the best experience, choose both.)
  6. Upload a few suitable images to the Instant Spotlight Platform to get the party started. 
  7. Print out several QR code sheets for your event - you’ll place these on the tables and around the venue for your guests to scan so they can join the fun!  (You’ll see we have a few formats for you to choose from)

At the Venue (Estimated Set Up Time: 5 to 7 minutes)

  1. Bring your printed QR codes, laptop, and an HDMI cable (we do not recommend using a Bluetooth connection) to your event venue.
  1. Using the HDMI cable, connect your laptop to the venue’s big screen TV. 
  2. Login to Instant Spotlight and select your event. It will instantly start playing on the big screen showing the pre-uploaded images and the QR Code.  

Your Set Up Is Complete!

Get the Instant Spotlight Party Started (Estimated Time - 3 to 5 minutes)

  1. Direct your guests’ attention to the big screen and the QR codes on the tables and around the venue.
  2. Show them quickly how to scan the code using your cellphone.  Get them to scan the QR code. 
  3. They’ll instantly receive simple login instructions to their cell phone. They just follow the prompts and they’ll be in!  
  4. They’ll see the pics you uploaded, a camera button, and three choices on their cell phones:

      a. Write a message

      b. Upload a photo

       c. Share photo

    5. Using the camera button, they take a picture, which is automatically sent to the big screen and the app on their cell. To add a note, they simply click on the pic in        their app and type their message, which instantly updates on the big screen. They can share the pics from the event using the share button to all their favorite social        media platforms too!

Let the Instant Spotlight Play! (Estimated Time: Hours of Fun!)

    1. As the event goes on and the uploads continue, the big screen show grows and grows – becoming more impressive with every new photo!  

    2. Pictures of guests engaged in all the various activities you’ve provided are playing up on the screen. It’s one of the most memorable events ever created!

    3. Guests can share their party pics on all their social media platforms. 

A Couple of Tips

  • If you have concerns that some pictures may be inappropriate, assign a moderator in the Instant Spotlight Dashboard. They’ll review and approve the pics before posting to the big screen.
  • You can control the number of uploads from your guests.
  • If you also have a photobooth, guests can print pics straight to the photobooth and you can set the number of prints per guest.
  • In your dashboard there are two links you can give your guests at the event, which will allow them to upload, share, and view the event photos after the event:
  • upload link allows them to upload photos after the party.
  • the public viewing link so they can all see the new pictures added after the event as well as share and view the event photos for years to come!

After the Event

  1. Log out.
  2. Disconnect.
  3. Go home!

Social Media Follow-Up

Instant Spotlight doesn't have to end when the event does. Keep the momentum going by sharing highlights and photos on your website and social media platforms. Reach out to your guests and take orders for photos from the big day!

Make All Your Events an Instant Spotlight Sensation

With Instant Spotlight all your events leave a memorable impact on your guests. With this guide, you now have everything you need to create engaging, interactive, and even inspirational moments that captivate from start to finish. So, go ahead and make your next event an Instant Spotlight sensation!

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