5 Things to Avoid at Your Next Party

5 Things to Avoid at Your Next Party

Bringing people you care about together for a party is always a good idea! But hosting a party that people will remember and talk about for years to come takes work. It's easy to make mistakes when you're hosting a soirée.

But if you know the things to avoid at your next party, you can easily sidestep the potential problems and make sure your event is focused on letting the good times roll without making extra work for yourself in the process.

Looking at data from a recent survey from Lombardo Homes where 1,000+ party guests shared their biggest complaints about parties, we'll explore how you can make your next party a hit and avoid the usual party pitfalls.

By keeping these potential party mistakes in mind, you can exceed your guests' expectations and throw a party people will talk about for years to come!

1. Failing to Provide Enough Food

The number-one complaint party guests had about past events they've attended? About 67% of guests said not supplying enough food is the worst party mistake. If you're rounding up your friends, family, or co-workers for a party, you need to make sure there's plenty of food to go around.

Don't make your guests self-ration their food portions to ensure there's enough for everyone. Provide plenty of food options to create an abundant atmosphere that encourages everyone to take as much, or as little, as they want to enjoy themselves.

Not sure how much of something to make or order? There are plenty of online calculators you can use to easily determine how much food you'll need to avoid running out mid-party. Just enter your estimated number of guests (a great reason to encourage people to RSVP) and planned food selections to find the right quantities.

2. Offering a Limited Drink Selection

things to do in a party

It's not just food that guests are hoping to see plenty of at your party. Drinks are also a big deal, with 54% of guests saying that having a too-limited drink selection is a social gathering no-no.

If you're not careful when you're planning, drinks for your party can become an afterthought. To avoid ending up with too few drink options for guests, make drinks a primary part of your planning.

Considering your guests' wants and needs will help point you in the right direction. Do most of your guests drink alcohol, and if so, is it appropriate for the event and venue? Would you prefer offering sophisticated, nonalcoholic options like sparkling water, flavored teas, and aromatic coffee?

No matter what type of drink selection you plan to offer, make sure there are options for every guest. Cold bottled water, non-caffeinated drinks for children and those sensitive to caffeine, and a few alcoholic beverage options for those interested in imbibing is a great place to start.

3. Drinking on the "Job"

While alcohol is a built-in part of many events, it's something that you should enjoy in moderation as a party host. About 36% of people surveyed said the host getting drunk could ruin a perfectly good party.

You can imagine how uncomfortable a host who's had too much to drink could make the party's guests. Drinking too much can lead to inappropriate behavior -- talking too loudly, slurring words, dancing inappropriately, broaching sensitive topics, or simply making your guests uncomfortable.

It's important to consider hosting your party as a job of sorts. It's your duty to provide plenty of food, drink, music, and good times for your guests in a safe and fun environment. Don't let alcohol cloud your judgment as a party host and limit yourself to just a few drinks to keep things on track.

4. Scarce Silverware

stuff to do at a party - cuttlery

If you've ever been to a restaurant where your table wasn't offered silverware with your meal, you understand how frustrating it can be to have delicious food in front of you with no proper way to eat it.

About 27% of party guests cited a lack of silverware or cutlery as a major party foul. Don't let something as simple as this curtail your celebration!

Consider the menu and the cutlery guests will need to enjoy it without struggling or dirtying their fingers. While you probably won't need forks, knives, and spoons for a pizza party, you might be serving desserts or appetizers that will require cutlery.

Get a rough head count ahead of time and ensure you'll have plenty of silverware, chopsticks, or cutlery for each guest and course offered. Make sure these items are easy to find and prominently placed at table settings or in buffet lines for guests.

5. Disregarding Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, people with food allergies, or those following a special diet -- chances are, some of your guests will have dietary restrictions to follow. As the party host or hostess, you shouldn't disregard these restrictions when you're coming up with a tasty menu.

Whether you're serving bite-sized hors d'oeuvres or a full, multi-course meal, make sure to take your guests dietary restrictions into account. Ensuring everyone has a few suitable options to choose from will elevate your guests' experience.

You don't have to dedicate the entire menu to dietary restrictions of a few guests. But making sure there are tasty food options for everyone attending is an essential part of being a thoughtful and successful party host.


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