Tips For Choosing a Great Party Venue

Tips For Choosing a Great Party Venue

Memorable parties are created when the venue exceeds the expectations of the attendees. Have you ever heard someone say they had a wonderful time at a party because the venue was too small to comfortably accommodate the crowd, difficult to find, or did not provide a Wi-Fi connection? The place you choose to throw a celebration event is more important than you might think--and here's why:

Venue Access: Can Out-of-Towners Find the Venue Without Getting Lost?

If getting to an auditorium, hall, or other venue type requires attendees to navigate a dozen one-way streets complicated by heavy traffic and constant construction, see if you can find another venue that won't confuse a GPS system. The easier it is to locate the venue, the better mood your attendees will be in when they get there.

Capacity of the Venue

Fire regulations limit a building's capacity according to its size and number of emergency exits. A general rule of thumb is that for every 60 people, there should be at least one emergency exit readily accessible. Venue owners may use the following calculation to meet local fire compliance regulations (example):

  • An auditorium is 500 feet long and 300 feet wide. The area of the auditorium is 15,000 square feet (500 x 300)
  • Divide 15,000 by 36 to get 416. The number 36 is used to ensure each person has a "personal" space of at least six feet from other people and objects in the area.
  • The auditorium should be able to hold 416 people safely, depending on how many obstructions (columns, tables, stages) are in the area

The point of knowing a venue's capacity is this--just because the venue says its capacity is 416 doesn't mean you should rent the revenue for an expected 400 guests. Will there be dancing? Will a band need extra room for its equipment? How many tables will be set up in the venue? Will children be present? Although larger venues will cost more to rent than smaller venues, it's always better to give your guests plenty of room to have fun and celebrate without constantly bumping into each other.

Stick to an Itemized Budget

how to start a party venue business

Weeks before you embark on the search for the perfect party venue, start writing down everything you plan to purchase. No matter how inexpensive the item is, write it down. By the end of several weeks, add the cost of each item and round the total to the highest dollar. Subtract this amount from your budget and what you have left is how much you can spend on renting a venue. Of course, you should leave room for spending a little more but not much more! While you want your party to surpass everybody's expectations, you don't want to be hit with bills that will take you months to pay off.

Does the Venue Have Plenty of Parking Space? What About Accessibility for Wheelchair

Check out the venue's parking lot or access to parking around the venue. Will attendees have problems finding a parking spot? Is the parking lot in good condition and well-lit? Most medium to large-sized venues have their own parking lots. However, smaller venues may expect people to park on side streets because they have limited to no parking lots. Consider how many guests are coming to your party and make sure there are plenty of parking spaces to accommodate them. You don't want guests being forced to park several blocks away from the venue, especially if the party takes place after dark. Also, ask the venue owner about the locations of entrances with ramps and railings for people with disabilities.

Strong Wi-Fi Connection for Guests to Access

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Your guests should be able to take and share pictures and videos in real time of the great time they are having. Most event venues provide public Wi-Fi at no cost. In fact, there are companies that offer public Wi-Fi services to venues that include the ability to filter browsing preferences and enhanced features to ensure secure connections. When you are evaluating the venue, take out your phone and check the reliability of the venue's Wi-Fi, so you don't run into problems during the celebration.

Instant Spotlight Makes Any Party Instantly Spectacular

There's one last thing you need to transform your event into the celebration of a lifetime--Instant Spotlight!

Imagine giving your guests the opportunity to post photos onto a digital photo wall so that everybody else can see what a wonderful time they are having. Let's say the bride is dancing with her father, and she wants everyone in the venue to experience the joy she feels. With Instant Spotlight, all the bride has to do is connect her smartphone to the Wi-Fi connection and start uploading videos and photos to the large Instant Spotlight screen. Whether the bride chooses to upload a photo slideshow or post live stream images onto the eye-catching screen, she and her father will be in the spotlight for all the guests to admire and appreciate.


Instant Spotlight has other remarkable features including:

Guest Photo Sharing: attendees can use a QR code to respond immediately to invitations at the event and integrate their smartphone with the Instant Spotlight system.

Plug-and-Play Technology: the simple setup allows you to stream uploaded videos and pictures as soon as you take them onto a big-screen monitor. Space-saving and fun, Instant Spotlight is perfect for creating a stunning wedding slideshow.

Customizable for Enhancing Brand Awareness: if your event focuses on promoting your business, Instant Spotlight can be digitally designed to harmonize with your brand and products. Full-screen takeovers, branded frames, and other promotional devices are available to get your message across to your audience.

Make planning your event as seamless and enjoyable as possible by contacting Esstart today to learn more about Instant Spotlight!

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