7 Ways to Collecting Wedding Photos from Guest

7 Ways to Collecting Wedding Photos from Guest

Your wedding day should be one of the most thrilling, exciting, and joyous occasions of your entire life. As you officiate a union of a party, capturing the precious moments and memories you make is a must. One way to ensure you're capturing as many pictures and videos as possible during your wedding is to do so by collecting wedding photos taken by your own guests.

Collecting wedding photos from guests is a way to build a unique collection that is truly from all angles and perspectives of the evening. Whether you intend to upload wedding photos from guests or if you're interested in a simple virtual album of your own, there are a few ways to go about requesting wedding guest photo submissions throughout the ceremony and even during the entire reception you intend to host.

Choosing a Method for Collecting Wedding Photos From Guests

Choosing the appropriate methods for collecting photos from your wedding's guests will greatly depend on the type of wedding you're hosting and the atmosphere and aesthetic you are going for in terms of the interior of your wedding's location.

1. Disposable Cameras

One of the most classic options to choose from when you want to build a crowd-sourced wedding photo collection includes using disposable cameras. Providing disposable cameras on each table for your guests is a fun and interactive method of encouraging engagement while allowing your guests to capture candid moments any time they please throughout the evening.

Cons: Unfortunately, disposable cameras can be bulky and take away from the atmosphere you are attempting to create on your big day. Additionally, each disposable camera is limited in terms of the number of photos you can take and the quality of disposable cameras is left to be desired. If you go the route of disposable cameras, you'll also need to keep them organized and plan for any development costs that may be incurred once you're ready to develop the pictures.

2. Esstart Instant Spotlight for Wedding

Move over, Kodak and disposable cameras. Esstart's Instant Spotlight is an wedding photo sharing app which is the way of the future. With Esstart's Instant Spotlight, allow guests to easily engage with a live photo wall using QR codes and a fully branded and customized setup (including specific colors, logos, and even a wedding-specific hashtag of your choice).

Using Esstart's Instant Spotlight makes it simple to download entire wedding albums from one location or device, including one's smartphone. Share on social media and keep the party going all night with live and interactive features that make Esstart's Instant Spotlight for weddings stand out from all the rest.

Currently, Esstart's Instant Spotlight offers the ability to serve unlimited guests with an included leaderboard and downloadable QR code. However, it's important to note that at this time, there are only preset themes, 15 max uploads (simultaneously), and a total of 0.5 hours of spotlight playtime available for those interested in a free test drive (before signing onto the service as an official customer).


3. Wedding Hashtags

Using traditional wedding hashtags is another way to track your wedding across social media platforms. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to detect which networks or platforms are sharing photos and updates about your wedding without manually logging into each. If you do choose to use a wedding hashtag for your special day, be sure to do so with a genuinely unique hashtag that will help your event stand out.

4. Group Messaging Solutions

Another way to share as many photos and videos captured as possible during your wedding is to host a group messaging chat. Group messaging apps or even traditional group messages can help gather photos in one location. While this solution is optimal for smaller and more intimate groups, it can leave other guests out of the loop or feeling left out after attending and leaving your wedding.

5. Cloud Storage Photo Drives

One of the more recent developments and technologies that can help with receiving guest photos for wedding album planning includes cloud storage photo drives. Using cloud storage is a way to quickly store and save digital media without requiring hard drives or even disposable cameras. However, there is always the risk of losing data when turning to the cloud for any storage purposes, short or long-term. Additionally, the use of a cloud storage drive is not always accessible, making it more challenging for those unfamiliar with the cloud to enjoy the photos and videos of your wedding.

6. Custom Wedding Website

One modern trend for many weddings today includes building and launching a custom website for your wedding. Building and fleshing out an entire website for your wedding may sound appealing at first, but can quickly become time-consuming and extremely expensive, depending on the type of website you have in mind, along with the integrated features and functions that are most important to you. While a custom wedding website will help your wedding stand out while appearing modern, it can be challenging to ensure you select the right web host and server to maintain your wedding photos and videos for your intended length of time.

7. Physical Photo Guest Book

One of the more classic options to consider when you're planning a wedding, and you want to collect photos from your guests is to provide a physical guestbook photo. Using Polaroid cameras or even assistance from your bridal party is a great way to take photos of guests as they sign your guestbook. Unfortunately, while this is one of the easiest setups to go with, there is plenty lacking that may make you feel your photo collection is less than impressive or memorable.

When it comes to a physical guest photo book, it can quickly become time-consuming, especially if you're hosting a medium to large-sized wedding. A traditional photo guest book can also be messier and there is a risk of causing damage to the book throughout the night, especially as guests begin to eat and consume alcoholic beverages (if served).

Tips For Collecting Wedding Photos

If you want to collect as many wedding photos as possible during your ceremony, reception, and throughout the night, there are a few tips to keep in mind, such as:

  • Create Themed Signage: Direct guests where they might find disposable cameras, Instant Spotlight booths, or where guests can upload photos and videos.
  • Use QR Codes: If you're utilizing a solution such as Esstart's Instant Spotlight, use custom QR codes for ease of accessibility and to help your event stand out from the rest. Custom QR codes can link to specific albums, slideshows, or even private albums that are exclusive to each table at your wedding.
  • Encourage Photo-Taking and Sharing: Be sure to encourage your wedding's guests to take photos and follow any signage and/or instructions available to upload media throughout the event.

Which One to Choose: Final Thought

While there are many options available to choose from when planning and hosting a wedding today, going with Esstart's Instant Spotlight simply feels...right. Instant Spotlight removes the burden of searching for a professional photographer, overpaying for photos, and feeling limited or restricted about the results.

With Esstart's Instant Spotlight, it's not only possible to create the memory and guestbook of my dreams, but you can also do so while ensuring your guests are engaged and having the time of their lives at the same time.


Where can I upload photos for wedding guests?

With Esstart's Instant Spotlight, uploading photos from a wedding is simple. Instantly upload photos captured at your latest event using your smartphone, a tablet device, or any computer connected to Esstart's integrated service.

Is there an app for wedding guests to share photos?

With Esstart, it's possible for wedding guests to view and download photos taken at any wedding or event for up to 90 days after the hosted event itself. Anyone using Esstart as a client will be provided a link that is available 24/7 for all guests who also have access to the direct link.

What's the advantage of setting up a DIY QR code for sharing photos?

Using customized DIY QR codes is not only environmentally friendly and more sustainable, but it also allows for instant sharing and increased accessibility. You can also use custom QR code solutions to set up entire directories and labeled folders for your event, making it even easier for your guests to search for and find your wedding's photos at a later date.

Guests sharing wedding memories is one of the best ways to ensure your event goes off without a hitch while leaving a lasting impression on those who attended. Collecting and saving photos is a great way to look back on your event once you're ready to reminisce and enjoy your perfect day. Whether you intend to display guest-contributed wedding pictures using a screen or live photo-sharing wall from Esstart's Instant Spotlight or if you have a unique setup in mind, the options are only limited to your own imagination.

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