Unique 1st Party Ideas For Your Child's Birthday

Unique 1st Party Ideas For Your Child's Birthday


Your child’s 1st birthday is one of the most special occasions in your life and it is an opportunity of a lifetime to celebrate them as they are still so young but growing faster than you could think. Organising a 1st birthday party is a great way to make this day memorable not just for your child but also create a memory worth a lifetime for yourself. What should you do for your baby’s 1st birthday? Well, that is a common question that most parents have. To simplify the task of thinking something new for your baby’s birthday party, we have created for you a list of 1st birthday party ideas. This will help you get an idea of the different kinds of events that you could plan and how you can about this day to make it the best for yourself and your baby. We will also share with you a checklist that will help you make sure you do not miss out on anything important for the big day.

Get Into The Woods

One of the best 1st birthday party ideas on a budget is to plan a party in the woods. Go to your favourite forest area with your loved ones and bring in your picnic baskets to celebrate your baby turning 1.

Teddy Bear Picnic

One of the easiest and most hassle-free first birthday themes is a teddy bear theme and doing it as a picnic makes it all the more better. Invite all your close ones to your favourite picnic spot with their picnic spreads and a teddy bear for this cute birthday idea.  

Family Trip

Family trip

A very low-key idea that is sure to bring your family closer is a family trip for your little one’s first birthday. You can go somewhere your child would love and have them spend some time having fun without overwhelming them with a lot of guests.

Live Photo Slideshow

What’s better than reliving the last 12 months as your baby now turns 1? You can put up a slide show of pictures from the last year sharing the best memories with all. What’s more? You can get your hands on Instant Spotlight which is a live-streaming photo wall. The birthday party photo sharing allows guests can share the best moments from the party using the same and give you so much to remember from this day.


Cake Smash

One of the cutest and most fun 1st birthday party ideas for baby boys and girls is a cake smash session. For this kind of birthday theme you need a cute birthday cake that you set up with your baby and let your baby smash, eat or smear the cake all over the place. You can either do this at home or book a photo studio where you can also get a photo shoot for your baby.

First Birthday Themes

1st birthday ideas for girls

You can plan a theme party for your baby. This could include 1st birthday party ideas at home or outdoors. You could plan these themes around your child’s liking or go with basic ideas that involve a lot of colours and vibrant elements. Common first birthday themes include rainbow themes, butterfly or bee themes or animal themes.

Photo Booth

Creating a photo booth for your baby’s 1st birthday is a great way to make the day memorable for everyone. You can DIY a photo booth with creative decor or just hire a photo booth. This will not just be a great way to get interesting pictures for all the guests but will also keep everyone entertained.

Frame The Photo

A great way to let your guests have a look at the wonderful moments of your child from their first year is to frame their milestones. You can get pictures of all their firsts and frame them to put around the party venue for the guests.

Milk And Cookies Party

This party idea is not as boring as the name might make it seem. All you need is for all your guests to bring in a batch of cookies or hire a baker who would bake different types of cookies. Set up a bar with different flavoured milk and you are all set for a milk and cookies party.

Ice Cream Parlour For Guests

Another one of the interesting 1st birthday party ideas at home includes setting up an ice cream parlour for the guests. You can be sure that this idea will be loved by everyone be it the parents or toddlers.

Dance Party

1st birthday party ideas

A dance party is one of the best 1st birthday party ideas for a baby girl at home. Have a party playlist full of your baby’s favourite songs ready and you can be sure to keep all the toddlers at the party entertained for a long time.

Rainbow Theme

This is a theme party that could be a superhit with the right decor, treats and snacks. All you need to do is make sure that everything at the party is colour-coded and it's all rainbows throughout. This will be a vibrant theme party for your young one.

Beach Party At Home

A beach party at home is surely on top of our list of 1st birthday party ideas at home. A kiddie pool, some sand and a few beach toys will set the mood for the party and make your backyard the best beach for the kids.

Caterpillar Theme

Yet another one of the most colourful 1st birthday party ideas on a budget is to go with the caterpillar theme. All you need is to arrange for snacks and treats that go with the green colour theme and print out a few caterpillar stickers for the decor.

Story Telling Party

A storytelling party can be a fun idea for your child’s birthday party if there is a young one in the family or friend group who can read. The other option could be to have the guests come in dressed as their favourite characters from different stories.  

Tips & Checklist

With all these ideas that you can choose from for your child’s 1st birthday, you can plan a party that will be memorable for the baby and the guests who attend. Before you go ahead with the idea that you have picked, here is a checklist with a few tips that will make party planning easier and the day of the party much more fun for everyone.

1. Choose a venue that is easily accessible not just for you but also for your guests.

2. Be very wise while you make your guest list. Add only the people that are close to you and mean a lot to you.

3. Make sure the outfits you choose for the day are comfortable and always have a backup fit ready for the day.

4. Assign one of your friends or relatives or a professional photographer to click pictures for the day.

5. Get disposable cups, plates and spoons to avoid the hassle of doing the dishes after a tiring party.

6. Create a menu that serves both the kids and the adults.

7. Have your party playlist ready.

8. Consider hiring a babysitter in case there are a lot of little ones on the guest list.


We have now discussed almost all the important details related to planning your child’s 1st birthday party. We have listed for you the best 1st birthday party ideas along with the tips and checklist for what you must not miss out on. These ideas can offer you the right inspo for planning and organising your baby’s first birthday. You can take these ideas as they are or choose elements that go well with your baby’s choices and create an altogether different theme around the same. While you plan and organise this party, make sure to stay within the budget that you fix and make the day a memorable one for your child and the other little guests.



1. What should I do for my baby's first birthday?

For your baby’s first birthday, you must plan and organise a birthday party based on a theme that they might enjoy. You can plan this indoors or outdoors based on the season and overall theme.

2. How do I choose the right theme for my child's 1st birthday party?

Choosing the theme for your child’s 1st birthday is not a very complex task. While deciding the theme and putting together the decor for your child’s birthday, include elements that your child loves. Make sure to design the theme around their favourite characters or toys and include items to keep the guests and the child entertained.

3. What are some creative decoration ideas for a 1st birthday party?

Some creative decor ideas for a 1st birthday party include teddy bears, balloons, balls, crepe paper lanterns and other decor items. You could also make mini treats that could be a part of your decor.

4. How can I keep the young guests entertained during the party?

Keeping young guests entertained during a 1st birthday party is relatively easy if you plan the party right with a suitable theme. Include activities and decor that keep the little ones engaged.

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