How to Create QR Codes for Wedding Photos with Instant Spotlight

How to Create QR Codes for Wedding Photos with Instant Spotlight

In this article, we'll show you how to effortlessly create QR codes for your wedding photos using Instant Spotlight, enabling you and your guests to capture and share the most precious moments of your special day as they unfold.

Why QR Codes for Wedding Photos?

QR codes for wedding photos are easy to set up and even easier for your guests to use. In fact, with Instant Spotlight, the QR codes replace the need to download an app to your mobile device. Guests simply scan the code one time with their cell phones and then spend the rest of the evening snapping and sharing photos of your most memorable moments as they happen!

There’s no better way to cherish and share your most precious memories! You and your guests will be able to capture every smile, every tear, and every joyous moment, turning your wedding into an immersive experience.

Step 1: Sign in to Instant Spotlight

Before you can create QR codes for your wedding photos, you'll need to sign in to your Instant Spotlight account. If this is the first time you’ve used Instant Spotlight, use our quick and easy tutorial to create your Instant Spotlight event. 

This is the step where you’ll create your event, giving it a name, choosing your customizations, etc. This is also the step where the Esstart platform instantly generates your unique QR code for your wedding photos.

Some examples of a name for your wedding event inside the Instant Spotlight App:

  • John and Joanna March 18,  2024
  • Ellen & Mark Married at Last -January 15, 2024
  • Samuel and Elizabeth Wedding Day - November 2023

Customized or personalized backgrounds are a great way to give your live streaming photo wall its own unique look. If you’re having a seasonal-themed wedding, you may want to upload a  seasonal background image, or maybe you’ve got a theme already chosen, which you can upload. You can also choose one of our preset backgrounds that most closely fits the look and feel of your wedding.

Step 2: Upload a Few Wedding Photos to Get Things Started

More than likely, you’ve already had at least one professional sitting with your wedding photographer or you have pictures from the engagement party, wedding announcements, etc.  Upload 3 or 4 photos to get Instant Spotlight started right.

Step 3: Get the QR Code

As we mentioned earlier, one of the great things about Instant Spotlight is that your QR Code is automatically created for you when you create your event in step 1 above. 

Instant Spotlight is the easiest event app to use for both you and your guests. All you have to do to use Instant Spotlight is navigate to the Prints & Downloads in your dashboard. 

Simply click on “Prints and Downloads” inside your dashboard and you’ll be taken to your QR code, already created and ready for you to choose the size and style you want to print out.

Note: This same QR Code will also display on the big screen at your venue.  

You’ll see that you have several options for printing the QR Codes for wedding photos.  You can print them all, or you can choose as many styles as you prefer.

Step 4: Customize and Share

  1. You can remove the Esstart logo and replace it with an image that compliments your wedding theme. Just remember to crop to the allowed size.
  2. On the Single Page QR Code, you’ll see you have a download option.  This is so that you can download the graphic and add it to any of your current designs to match your wedding aesthetic.  
  3. You can theme your QR code background to match the theme that you chose for the big screen.

Once you're satisfied with the customization, it's time to share your QR codes with your guests and let the photo snapping and sharing to the big screen begin!

Step 5: Scan, Snap, and Share the Moment-by-Moment Love Story

As your guests scan the QR codes with their smartphones or tablets, they'll become forever memorialized with your wedding day.  Best of all, they’ll be capturing and sharing all the perspectives, all the sweet moments, and all the joy in a candid, fun, beautiful and exciting moment-by-moment stream to the venue’s big screen, where you and everyone else will see everything from everyone!

Later, you’ll  be able to relive the magic and emotion captured in each photo when you login to your dashboard and click on photos. Whether they're laughing at the antics on the dance floor or shedding a tear during the heartfelt speeches, you and your guests can enjoy all the beautiful moments of your love story for years to come.

Remember, you can upload more photos after the day is over and everyone can share to social media both during and after the wedding too.

With Instant Spotlight, creating QR codes for your wedding photos is a breeze, allowing you and your guests to snap and share the joy and magic of your special day with everyone you hold dear. 

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your wedding memories are easily accessible and cherished for years to come. So go ahead, unlock the magic of Instant Spotlight, and let your love story shine!


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